BioEqualizer – Equine Immune System Supplement

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Recommended Dosage – Each 12 Vial Set is equivalent to:

  • Acute treatment for 1 month for 1 horse (3 doses/ week)
  • Maintenance treatment for 3 months for 1 horse (1 dose/ week)

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BioEqualizer is the 100% natural Thymic Protein supplement for horses which modulates the animal’s own immune system to help alleviate EIPH, fight infection, accelerate healing after injury or surgery and speed up recovery.

BioEqualizer may be administered orally or through nebulization in a patented nano-silver solution, with added Zinc Gluconate.

The purified Thymic Proteins used in BioEqualizer™ are bioidentical to those produced by a horse’s own body, which makes them best absorbed and assimilated.

Does BioEqualizer™ Have Side Effects?

As BioEqualizer™ is the bioidentical version of Thymic Proteins (not synthetic) that all mammals naturally produce; there are no known side-effects, drug interactions or contraindications of any kind.

What Conditions does BioEqualizer™ Treat?

  • Resolves EIPH in 88.5% of horses
  • Alleviates Antibiotic Resistant Infections
  • Accelerates Healing after Injury or Surgery
  • Helps Prevent Illness During Travel
  • Aids in Overcoming Effects of Daily Stress
  • Improves General Health & Temperament

Dosage & Administration

Acute conditions and infections generally require 3 treatments per week (evenly spaced) for a period of 1 -3 months. For general health and infection prevention, 1 treatment per week is recommended.

We recommend administration through nebulization, as the proteins are best absorbed with this method. We also recommend using the Flexineb Ultrasonic Nebulizer, as it is specially designed for Equines and produces the smallest particles, for best absorption. Administration orally through a syringe is also possible (syringe provided).

Administration Demonstration


Each vial pack contains 1 vial 1000mcg Thymic Proteins, 1 vial 4cc Nano-Silver Solution & 12 mg Zinc Gluconate. Syringe also provided for oral administration.

MADE IN THE USA in an FDA REGISTERED laboratory and cGMP certified facility. 

1 review for BioEqualizer – Equine Immune System Supplement

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Howard Zucker

    I have used BioEqualizer immune support for my racehorses for at least 15 years. My Thoroughbreds are based at the racetrack where they are exposed to many pathogens, and I always used the oral administration route anytime one coughed or seemed down. I’ve seen many of them just get over whatever was hitting them, with a couple of days administration. Awesome to help horses that bleed in races or workouts.

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