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Suggested Use: Take one packet per day, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

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If you’re looking to learn how to strengthen your immune system, BioPro-Plus 100 is the answer!

BioPro-Plus 100 is the 100% natural immune supplement, which has no known side-effects or contraindications. This bioidentical supplement is not a drug, but an aid to repair your body’s own innate immune response.

BioPro-Plus 100 is a unique dietary supplement which is proven to increase CD4 cell counts. CD4 cells (T-cells) are white blood cells which play a major role in your body’s own natural immune response. Without adequate CD4 cells, chronic disease may run unchecked in your body and you are even more vulnerable to new infection.

If you suffer from an acute or chronic disease, such as colds, flu, mononucleosis, cancer; Epstein-Barr virus, HIV, Herpes virus, or any other viral or bacterial diseases you need BioPro-Plus 100! Or, if you are recovering from radiation, chemotherapy or other treatments which break down the immune system, you need BioPro-Plus to repair your natural immune function!

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How to Strengthen Your Immune System with BioPro-Plus 100

BioPro-Plus 100 contains purified biologically active thymic proteins, plus Zinc Gluconate, which help to restore your immune system. These Thymic Proteins are bioidentical to the ones your own body naturally creates, making them easily assimilated into your body.

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Why Take a Thymic Protein Supplement?

You naturally produce Thymic Proteins in your body in the greatest amounts in your youth and once past puberty this ability diminishes and in many cases finishes all together. Without these essential proteins, your T-cells become less skilled at recognizing disease and are more likely to miss cells that should be destroyed. Autoimmune disease can be the result, where your body becomes unable to accurately differentiate between healthy and sick cells, and begins to destroy healthy cells.

Read an independent article about the Thymus and Autoimmunity in The Journal of Immunology.

BioPro-Plus is Made in the USA in an FDA Registered Lab

You may have the utmost trust in BioPro-Plus 100’s purity and safety, as it’s made in the USA, in an FDA registered lab.
BioPro-Plus 100 is a 100% natural immune system supplement, which has no known contraindications or side-effects.

Through a gentle biological process, thymic proteins in BioPro-Plus 100 are derived from certified BSE-free, bovine thymus cells, and then purified as intact bio-molecules which have maximum biological activity. In addition, Zinc Gluconate has been clinically proven to shorten the length of infection from the common cold virus.

BioPro-Plus 100 is the ultimate product to help strengthen and re-build your immune system. Order your BioPro-Plus 100 today and experience its magic for yourself!



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5 reviews for BioPro-Plus 100

  1. Lynn Razaitis

    I’ve had an ongoing problem with coughing and hacking for the past 3 weeks from an upper respiratory infection that just would not clear up. (I’ve been taking just 1 pack of this product a day). Last night I read a review in which the person said she took 6-8 packs when she felt something coming on so I gave it a try with 7 packs all at once.

    About an hour later I started feeling like my symptoms were reducing but thought it could just be the ups and downs of this thing. BUT this morning I’m feeling great. I have very little coughing and mucous. The past 3 weeks every morning has been a sore throat and phelgm when I wake up. This morning barely nothing!

    I’m so pleased and excited. I was on the verge of making an appointment with a respiratory specialist. That’s going on hold while I take some more time using higher doses of this product for awhile.

  2. Howard Zucker

    I have been taking one or two BioPro plus a day for over 15 years. I can honestly say I’ve rarely been sick, even surrounded by sick people. I take 3 when I travel by air or if I feel the need for an extra immune boost. I’ve seen it do amazing things for friends, including keeping people undergoing Chemo healthy through treatment. I wouldn’t be without it. Howard Zucker

  3. Brian T.

    I give BioPro 100 to my kids at the first sign of a bug or when they have been exposed to anyone that is sick. I have seen that if they do catch something, and many times they don’t, it’s a much weaker version. I always keep it on hand.

  4. Chris F

    I recently caught a cold, but taking Bio-pro made it the shortest and easiest to recover from EVER!

  5. Wayne Dorband

    I love this product. I am a scientist and believe the science here is sound.

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