BioPro-Plus Platinum Plan

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1 Month Contents: 1 box of BioPro-Plus 100 (30 doses) and 3 boxes of BioPro-Plus 500 (4 doses each).



Are you struggling with how to improve your immune system? If you or a loved one is suffering from any of the many chronic diseases, caused by a suppressed immune system, plaguing our society today such as Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein Barr, HIV, Hepatitis C, you need to be on our Bio-Pro Plus Platinum Plan.

This plan developed by Alternative Health Concepts, may help to modulate and optimize your immune system enabling your body to have the strength it needs to heal itself.

While taking the Platinum Plan as a monthly regimen, you will be providing your body the necessary software it needs to supercharge your cell mediated immune system.

How to Improve Your Immune System with the BioPro-Plus Platinum Plan to Help You Fight Chronic Disease

The two products, BioPro-Plus 100™ and BioPro-Plus 500™ provided in the Platinum Plan, will give you the bio-identical Thymus proteins, which your body produced until the age of 40 or so, and will now allow you to once again be able to fight off these chronic diseases, such as Herpes virus, cancer, bacterial infections, auto-immune diseases like lupus, and any other pathogens that may enter your body.

Don’t wait another day to get your immune system fortified to the levels it needs to be in order to fight any of these chronic diseases. Order you Platinum Plan today, and give your immune system the strength it needs to help your body heal itself of the chronic disease you are fighting!

For further details on how BioPro-Plus works, please click here: How to Boost Your Immune System with BioPro-Plus

As with all of our products at Alternative Health Concepts, you receive our no-questions-asked 90 Day Guarantee, so why not order a 90 day supply shipped to you automatically, and save big!

1 Month Contents: 1 box of BioPro-Plus 100 (30 doses) and 3 boxes of BioPro-Plus 500 (4 doses each).
3 Month Contents: 3 boxes of BioPro-Plus 100 (30 doses each) and 9 boxes of BioPro-Plus 500 (4 doses each).

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