Health Benefits of Having Pets

One of the greatest perils of aging is loneliness and the prospect of having to actually live alone. Having pets ...
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Fat burning glazed cookie bites

Fat Burning Glazed Cookie Bites

This wonderful recipe from Dr. Jockers for fat burning glazed cookie bites is a great reminder that healthy eating isn’t ...
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fight cancer

11 Herbs & Spices that Fight Cancer – Spice Up Your Food & Health

Historically, spices have played a significant role.  Even explorers like Columbus were trying to find India in search of spices ...
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Healthy Vegan Chili

Sweet Potato & Spiced Bean Chili – Healthy Vegan Chili

Even if you aren’t vegan or vegetarian, you have likely heard of the health advantages of adding more plant-based foods ...
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Fiber – 5 Reasons why your Diet Needs More of it

We all hear so much about fiber and how we need it in our diets… But why and how do ...
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bone broth for health

Bone Broth for a Younger You Recipe

What’s this we keep hearing about bone broth? Quite simply, it’s the stock you can make with the left-over bones, ...
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Separation – 6 Ways to Get Over it

Walking through life, we discover ourselves through various phases; failures, separation, success, happiness, sorrow, vitality, ailments, the presence or absence ...
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Minestrone Soup

Minestrone Soup – Healthy Grain Free Recipe

Minestrone soup is a classic combination usually of a tomato base, garlic, beans and veggies. It originated in Rome in ...
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6 Natural Cures for Migraine

Caught up in the blizzard of 21st century stresses, most of us have experienced chronic headaches or even permanent migraine ...
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sugar free cheesecake

Sugar Free Cheesecake

We were so excited to find this recipe for sugar free cheesecake… is cheesecake one of those desserts you actual ...
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10 Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs & Foods that Revitalize Your Body & Mind

Throughout history, ancient medicine practitioners have used fruits and vegetables to revitalize and restore natural balance of body and mind.   ...
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3 Healthy & Quick Fish Dinner Recipes

Eating healthy food boosts your health, nourishes your body and strengthens your immune system. Fish is one of the healthiest ...
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immune system

13 Habits that Boost your Immune System Naturally

Want to fight disease and stay healthy naturally?   Boost your immune system with these 13 simple, everyday habits! The cold ...
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light creamy spinach dip

Light Creamy Spinach Dip

If you struggle to find healthy dips for parties, look no further than this Light Creamy Spinach Dip! Enjoy all ...
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How Electrolyte Balance Affects your Health

Electrolytes and micro minerals play vital roles in our overall health, and cellular function. Electrolyte imbalance is known to cause ...
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garlic & basil roasted eggplant

Garlic & Basil Roasted Eggplant Recipe

Not only is this garlic and basic roasted eggplant full of amazing flavor and packed full of nutrients, but it ...
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Time Management – 7 Ways to Beat a Busy Schedule

For working class individuals, one of the greatest dilemmas is managing time. Whether you’re a corporate tycoon or a tireless ...
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healthy stuffed pepper recipe

Healthy Stuffed Pepper Recipe

Sometimes a dish is just so beautiful, it makes us feel good just looking at it and this is the ...
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Top 5 Alternative Health Sites of the Week Issue #2

We, at Alternative Health Concepts, are dedicated to giving you the best information about alternative treatment options and will be ...
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protein packed pasta sauce

Protein Packed Pasta Sauce Recipe for Stable Blood Sugar

Pasta is one of those feel-good foods that perhaps you try not to eat very often, but when you do ...
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