BioPro-Plus 100-500 Combination

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Suggested Use: Take 1 vial set of 500 per week and 1 packet of 100 per day, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

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If you are like many and are at a health cross-roads, you need to learn how to build your immune system!

BioPro-Plus 100 & BioPro-Plus 500 have now been combined together to provide a sensational, cutting edge, second to none, immune restoration supplement at a price point that you can’t afford to be without, because your health and well-being are priceless! When taken together, in the recommended manner as a monthly regimen, you will be providing your body the necessary software it needs to supercharge your cell mediated immune system.

The two products combined will give you the bio-identical Thymus proteins, which your body produced until the age of 40 or so, and will now, allow you to once again be able to fight off the common cold and flu viruses, Herpes virus, cancer, bacterial infections, auto-immune diseases like lupus, and any other pathogens you may come in contact with.

How to Build Your Immune System

These two revolutionary products, BioPro-Plus 100 and BioPro-Plus 500, when taken together, are the ultimate immune maintenance supplements that are essential to KEEP YOU from getting sick!

For more information on how BioPro-Plus works, click here: How to Boost Your Immune System with BioPro-Plus.

If you are sick now, don’t hesitate another minute, GET WELL –  ORDER YOUR BioPro-Plus 100 & BioPro-Plus 500 TODAY! The health and welfare of you and your family are priceless and now there is an economical way to preserve your precious family from today’s environment.

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4 reviews for BioPro-Plus 100-500 Combination

  1. Bob Mitchell Age 61

    I have been taking BioPro-Plus for a little more than one year. I started taking it to see if it would help me get over some bronchial issues that had started to pester me in my early 50s. I had never had any problems prior to that.

    My symptoms were that whenever the weather turned cold in the fall, I developed a persistent and quite loud cough. About every 3 or 4 days, I would have a coughing fit that would continue until I vomited. I had frequent colds each winter, maybe 6-10 week long colds.

    I toughed it out for a while but eventually acquiesced to my doctor’s urging to begin using a steroid inhaler twice a day. The symptoms were lessened — the coughing was less violent and the coughing fits were not quite as frequent. I used the inhaler for about 6-7 months per year and would quit for the summer when my symptoms abated. I did not like using the inhaler but I was dependent on it. I began to dread and hate winter.

    Then in October 2015, a friend told me about how BioPro-Plus had helped him deal with his adult-onset hay fever. He urged me to try it. I was skeptical and delayed ordering any while I read about the thymus gland and how GPs felt it was ‘a natural part of aging’ that it just quit functioning in your 40s. And, according to what I read, there was nothing that could be done about it anyway.

    Then, a pack of BioPro-Plus arrived in the mail. My friend had sent it to me with a note challenging me to give it a try. I started taking it and within a couple of weeks, I got off my inhaler. The coughing fits that usually came with cold weather did not arrive.

    I ordered some more and have been taking BioPro-Plus for one year. In that year, my persistent cough has abated. I cough a little but usually only after vigorous exertion in cold weather. I have not had any colds at all since I began taking BioPro-Plus.

    Now winter is just around the corner and I am confident that, because of BioPro-Plus, my health will not be adversely affected by the cold weather.

  2. Amy Delaney

    For over 20 yrs I have had significant health problems that seemed to be a mystery to doctors. I can’t tell you how many times doctors have said to me, “Yes that is very weird but I don’t know…” As a teenager I had a severe case of mono and have since then tested extremely high for EBV and CMV. I was never the same and have been diagnosed with a litany of things including but not limited to: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Recurrent Mononucleosis, Fibromyalgia, Dysautonomia, Immune Dysfunction, and Lyme Disease just to name a few! I have also tested positive for several active viral infection including tests showing 8 at one time, some things that have not been seen in decades. The long and short of it is that my whole adult life has been spend sick and exhausted. I seem to get everything that goes around and go from one illness to another. I also get things much worse and for much longer than everyone else. Finally, after a two week hospitalization and then a one week stay at the Mayo Clinic and thinking I was about to die, I was finally linked up with a great immunologist. But, even she could not figure out why my IGa is so low and everything else seemed okay. My CRP is also frequently elevated. All a mystery still. With her help I started to take things into my own hands in regards to researching what I could do to boost my immunity, especially since I am a School Psychologist (around kids all the time!) This is when I found Bio Pro! I have to say it has changed my life. I take one regular Bio Pro packet each night and then the Bio Pro Intensive once per week. I don’t want to jinx myself but I have been illness free for many months!!! I even underwent a very stressful, traumatic, and life changing event which would normally crash my immune system….everyone in my family kept saying “I can’t believe you aren’t getting sick through this!!” As I always have!! I have been around illness and have remained healthy. This is the first school year where I have so far had perfect attendance and have finally been able to start saving up my sick days…something I never did and I always feared running out and risking my job because of my health. I can’t say enough about this product and this is not a paid testimonial. I have tried everything and this is the ONLY thing that has actually worked. My mom keeps saying, “I’ve never seen you have energy like this in your whole life…you look so healthy!” She knows me best and has seen me through the worst. I tell everyone I know about this product and have referred many customers. I want everyone to enjoy the quality of life and health I am now! Thank you for this life changing product! I can finally live and enjoy my life!!!!

  3. Howard Zucker

    This is the combo I buy. It’s a proven product that eliminates “sick” from your vocabulary. A pack of powder 6 days a week, a vial of the 500 once a week…I’ve seen so many people turn from “I catch everything” to “I never get sick” with a BioPro regimen.

  4. Barbara

    I just recovered from a “flu” that everyone around me had for close to a week, in one day. I couldn’t believe I felt better already this morning. There’s nothing else I’m doing differently than taking Biopro.

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