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BioPro-Plus 500 is a unique dietary supplement which contains biologically active purified thymic proteins varying from 10,000 to 50,000 Daltons plus Zinc Gluconate. Through a gentle biological process, the thymic proteins in BioPro-Plus 500 are derived from Certified BSE free, bovine thymus cells, and then purified as intact bio-molecules which have maximum biological activity. Additionally, Zinc Gluconate has been clinically proven to shorten the duration of infection from the common cold virus. BioPro-Plus 500 is also clinically proven to increase CD4 cell counts. BioPro-Plus 500 is the ultimate product to help build and how to boost your immune system. If you suffer from any acute or chronic debilitating disease, such as, colds, flu, mononucleosis, cancer; Epstein-Barr virus, HIV, Herpes virus, or any other viral or bacterial diseases you need BioPro-Plus! Many current clients report that they feel like BioPro-Plus 500 has proven how to improve immune system. Order yours today and experience the magic for yourself.

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3 reviews for BioPro-Plus 500

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I regularly take BioPro-Plus 500 (once a week) to prevent getting sick. Especially during the flu season and I skip the flu shot. I would rather take a natural product than the flu shot after all I have read about it. I notice that when others around me catch different bugs going around, the most I ever get is a hint of it. I don’t have to miss days of work or take days or weeks to recover.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I’m a big fan on the once a day oral powder, but when I feel the need for a huge immune boost like my first sneeze or sore throat I hit a vial of the 500. It’s a rare virus or cold that gets a hold of me if I’m paying attention to early waning signs.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    BioPro has helped me! I have had a chronic cough since August and the doctors have not been able to determine what it is. I actually have a pulmonologist appointment this afternoon, as my GP could not figure it out. My chest xray was normal, my PFT was normal. But the cough was getting worse and worse. It was raspy, I was wheezing and really, couldn’t catch my breath. Plus, the intensive coughing was causing severe migraines. My head felt like it was in a vice and I was having vision problems from the migraines. So my friend Wayne recommended that I take the intensive dose of the BioPro immediately. I took it as soon as I got home. I noticed an immediate relief from the coughing and felt like I could breathe again. I continued to take 3 more doses of the intensive dose (every 2 days). I haven’t taken it in about a week now. I still have my cough, but it is 100xs better. I am going to see the pulmonologist today just to see if he can tell me what has been causing this. But overall, I am sleeping better, the headaches have subsided and I feel like I can breathe a lot better. So I’m a believer.

    Since starting the BioPro, my parents came to visit. Dad has severe Type II diabetes, multiple health problems and can barely walk as his feet are ruined from the diabetes. He also has a severe lung disorder. I started giving the BioPro to him and he immediately noticed a difference. It cleared out his sinuses and his lungs and he too felt like he could breathe better. He’s a believer as well!

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